DRESS UP/DOWN load is an interactive fashion project exploring new ways to make, style and share clothing.

How it works: This project promotes agency and participation through sharing the textile design process. A series of events will be orchestrated periodically to promote public participations through workshops, design festivals and events.  This online space provides a platform to promote and share participation. As new textile design concepts emerge they will be engineered onto a simple shift dress and uploaded to an archive. They will be available for download and further adaptation through the creative commons.

Rather than offering a complete collection one simple shift dress will be used to demonstrate different design ideas and style scenarios. Through open source demonstrations the overall process will be documented and shared to illustrate a series of “how-to” demonstration inviting an online audience to participate by down / uploading tools and techniques.

A series of co-design workshops and online explorations will also be launched periodically to add to the collection.The intention is to produce a DIY dressing up box – one which can be accessed, shared and added to by everyone and anyone. As fashion and textile designers we don’t always explain “how-to” and I think it’s something worth exploring. The dress will be used to create different design concepts to re-design and re-interpret using a range of  surface decorative textile methods combining digital textile techniques. This blog will document each process to  build an open source archive.



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